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105 construction

I was a teenager in junior high when I first heard of the 105 freeway construction. My friends were being asked to move from their homes. Then I didn't hear anything else. Years later, I watched in awe as the landscape changed around us. As we went about our daily lives, street corners moved and moved back; underpasses appeared where solid ground once was; ramps and overpasses grew and snaked their way around Los Angeles, sometimes nervously close to existing structures.
19-Photo Collection

All pictures Copyright, Keita Del Valle



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In Our Path
Absolutely the most amazing photos of Interstate 105 construction we've ever seen.

Urban Highway Award of Merit
Did you know the Interstate 105-Interstate 110 interchange won a highway design award? Check it out.

Interesting I-105 Facts
Ever wonder why the I-105 stops at the I-605 instead of continuing to I-5?

More interesting I-105 Stuff
Remember the movie Speed? One of the movie's most famous scenes involved the bus having to jump over a gap in an elevated freeway-to-freeway ramp which was still under construction. That scene, as well as much of the movie, were all filmed on California's Interstate 105. (taken from