Why Crafty Pixel is Different

What makes an effective website? Definitely not just pretty pictures. A rare combination of technical aptitude, corporate experience, and real design education set my business apart. After being a techie for many years, I explored my passion for visual imagery by completing a rigorous, 3-year design curriculum at UCLA and in 1998, I started Crafty Pixel as a part-time digital imaging operation and managed a corporate web team for a large O.C. company.

I relinquished my parking spot on the 91 freeway and expanded Crafty Pixel to a full-time small business web design and consulting company. My design style, philosophy and prices seemed to be what small businesses were looking for. Crafty Pixel was a hit and I was quickly overrun with clients.

As websites become more interactive and app-based and computing becomes more mobile and ubiquitous, I wanted to learn ways to make computing interfaces clean, intuitive and useful for users. So, that's what I'm up to these days.